Trails and Paths

Here you can find many trails and light trekking routes we have traced for you with a VIRTUAL MAP TOUR with practical route information, difficulty level, travel time and many useful information.

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{{ 'Trails and Paths' | capitalize }} / Bosco Chiesanuova

Le contrade cimbre di Bosco Chiesanuova

6,95 km / on foot, on mountain bike and on horseback VIRTUAL MAP TOUR Itinerary description From the center of Bosco Chiesanuova you will descend until to a wide car park and on the dirty road you will reach Sciostre and Ongar village, renovated B&B which maintains typical architectural nature ...

{{ 'Trails and Paths' | capitalize }} / Ala (TN)

La Lessinia trentina e i Busoni

ATTENTION: ROUTE NOT AVAILABLE, TEMPORARILY CLOSED 5,1 km / on foot, adapts to families as well VIRTUAL MAP TOUR Itinerary description: Lessinia trentina offers amazing itineraries between woods and landscapes. One of these is that of Villaggio san Michele, close to Sega di Ala, leads to mysteri...

{{ 'Trails and Paths' | capitalize }} / Erbezzo

Le antiche contrade di Erbezzo

6,25 km / on foot, adapts for family as well VIRTUAL MAP TOUR Itinerary description From the panoramic car park adjacent to B&B la Stua this beautiful trip starts, which after that descends from the ridge of Erbezzo, towards the old villages on the west side, such as the the splendid Giodi and ...

{{ 'Trails and Paths' | capitalize }} / Sant'Anna D'Alfaedo

The villages of Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo

10,50 km / on foot or mountain bike VIRTUAL MAP TOUR Itinerary description The surroundings of Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo offer numerous interesting trails and trips of medium difficulty, but with unique peculiarity, which can be seen just in the Occidental Lessinia. One of this trail starts from the ...

{{ 'Trails and Paths' | capitalize }} / Erbezzo

The first huts of Erbezzo

8,5 km / on food, appropriate for family too VIRTUAL MAP TOUR Itinerary description The crossroads to reach Rifugio Dardo is the point of departure of this amazing tour between huts of Erbezzo, where there are many natural peculiarities, which get involved the walkers to find out this awesome p...