A historic point of reference of yesteryear and today, Malga Lessinia (Alpine farmstead) was built to accommodate the troops and customs officers that served along the Austro-Hungarian border of the First World War, a couple of hundred meteres from it.  

With the end of the war and after a period of disuse, around 1945 the building was adapted to served as a alpine farmstead (malga) for the summer grazing period, and was used as such until our days. Even today it is a functioning Malga where you can buy cheese products that have been worked and produced onsite.

A great touristic pulse was added from the 2000s and now it has, along with the farming and diary product production, the restaurant side of the business. 

- In the Summer Period (from June to September) the restaurant offers numerous places in the large courtyard of the property, served by an outdoor bar and a smaller carefully decorated internal dining room. The other rooms are used for working and selling their diary products which are Monte Veronese, Mature Cheeses, Fresh and smoked ricotta. 

The opening hours are from 9.30 to 17.30 everyday of the week. (Mondays to Sundays)

- In the Winter period (from the 1st of October to June) the malga is transformed into a warm alpine rifugio (mountain hut) reachable only on foot. All the internal rooms are transformed into dining rooms (3 rooms – 45+25+35 places) as well as a bar area which features an immense fireplace that warms the icy winters of Lessinia. 

The opening hours are from 9.30 to 17.30 Saturdays and Sundays  (except during the Christmas period and festivities, during which the opening hours are extended.)

- The menù (summer and winter ) offers typical products from the area such as: the unmissable alpine gnocchi (gnocchi di malga), a water and flour dough cooked and dressed with clarified butter and cheese, soup of the day, rabbit ragù lasagnette (pasta), polenta, salami and cheese, mixed coldmeats plates, carne salà (salted meat) with vegetables, melted cheese on a bed of polenta (using our own cheese). A large choice of homemade beers. The average price is about €15.

- The Activities that are featured in this area are: in the winter periods, foot trails which are flattened by the snowcat for walking or snowshoeing leaving from Fittanze Pass (Erbezzo VR) or Spazzacamina (Erbezzo VR) with a length of 5km along the first and 4km along the second. There is the option of using the snowmobiles for those who have difficulty walking (or for the fun of riding a snowmobile) for up to 14 people a time. Departure point (or arrival) for the crosscountry skiing course that connects with Malga San Giorgio travelling through all of Translessinia.

In the Summer period all the trails in the area are usable.

It is possible to visit the restored trenches that are close by (200m), with information boards and the possibility of requesting a guide for a bigger group. A point of interest for many Veronese school-goes and in the months of April, May and June, you can see many students visiting this place which is a part of our history(First World War).

During the year there are various events which make the days here even more interesting and fun, for example the beer festival in October, Sundays with musical themes in the summer, cerimonies and various events (Special masses, launch of the restored trenches, etc)

Not everybody knows that  the malga is a family run business which has been operating for more than 40 years (initially only with the production and selling of cheese). The rifugio is not connected to any water system, and neither does it have electricity or a telephone. (a underground steel watertank is used to contain the water supply and 2 groups of electric generators are used for electricity)In line with keeping their services as environmentally friendly as possible the malga uses biodegradable plates and glasses.  They also have a bathroom for persons with disabilities.The malga does not have (at the moment) rooms to reserve. Another branch of the family has opened a B&B in the nearby municipality of Bosco Chiesanuova called Ongarrelax. There is also great collaboration and friendships amongst the rifugi of the area. (malga Valbella, rifugio Dardo, Rifugio Castelberto).

Rifugio Malga Lessinia
Strada provinciale 14 - 37020 Erbezzo (VR) - Italy

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