For 50 years Osteria Ljetzan di Giazza has been identified with Cimbrian tradition. Here you can taste, in addition to the more classical mountain dishes, the famous grilled trout cooked over coal produced by the Boschi family using the ancient Cimbrian method, the "Carbonara"  

L'Osteria Ljetzan is located in the Giazza square a short walk from the church and the Cimbri museum and it has become a departure point for various hikes and day trips into; Val Fraselle , Valle di Revolto (the Carega group), Western Lessinia(S.Giorgio) and Eastern Lessinia (Campo Fontana, Lobbia).

Our Cusine is typically regional but more importantly local and it is careful about using local products. The speciality that has made the Osteria famous, is that of grilled trout cooked over coal that we produce once a year using an ancient Cimbrian method. Our pastas, desserts, jams, marmalades and sweet honey mustards are all homemade by us. 

In Addition the Osteria is a Lessinia Park branded trader due to territorial appreciation in its cusine and its coal. In fact Giorgio and his father, Nello, are the only two remaining Coal producers in Lessinia, in regards to the traditional "Carbonara" method.

Osteria Ljetzan
P.zza D. Domenico Mercante, 6 - 37030 Giazza, Selva di Progno (VR) - Italy

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