This fantastic Summer, the heat wasn't the only thing that made us break a sweat! 

In fact we believe wholeheartedly in this project, that tells you a story, that you too can relive over and over anytime that you want. is here today, to join and promote all the most important touristic, cultural, sport and naturalistic options in Lessina, by introducing a new and accessable communicative channel, where you can get to know and experince these mountains with all that they have to offer. 

We believe that communication is first and foremost about a dialogue between people, and that this dialogue is a precious gem when exchanging the best of thoughts, the greatest of experiences, shared flavours and that welcoming way that makes you feel right at home. 

Alta Lessinia has an abundance of these precious gems that we hope to offer you today.... so you too can experience life's moments to the fullest! 

If you are reading these few lines,it means you too love, "this green land above the great plains" (quote by A. Anderloni) and with its naturalistic and cultural uniqueness,it remains a place where tradition, sport, flavours and hospitality join together in unison rewarding you with unforgettable thrills everytime!

We look forward to seeing you in Alta Lessinia!

the staff