It would be enough to mention the Valpolicella, Terra dei Forti and Durello wines as well as the Monte Veronese Dop cheese to present the Culinary prestige of Lessinia, but there are many more products and traditional dishes that are part of this area. Across the fan of valleys south of the high pastures mature the prestigious grapes of the vineyards. Fruit farming has its heroes, especially in the Illasi and Alpone valleys with cherries and chestnuts. The San Moro chestnut is particularly prestigious and it is harvested not only in the town of the same name but also in Roverè Veronese, Vestenanova and San Giovanni Ilarione. In the High Chiampo Valley European, Rainbow and Salmon Trout farming is now a tradition, achieved due to the characteristics of the Chiampo river.  Noteworthy are the many varying types of alpine farmstead (malga) and farm cheeses and aromatic and medicinal herbs that grow wild or not, with which by experienced hands various consumable and cosmetic products and liqueurs are created. Another of these products is the prestigious honey that has a festival dedicated to it every year in Bosco Chiesanuova.

So to extend the promotion of the typical products and services located within this protected area, the Park has created a Park Brand with the idea of promoting the use of these local traditional products, to spread information and to guarantee the consumption of these products and use of services by the public within the park. It is also a way of incentivizing local business owners to start to reuse the traditional methods of product production and finally to care for and continue the customary and traditional heritage that features in the Lessinian territory. 

Amongst the products today that have been authorized to use the Park Brand, over and above those already mentioned, we find some dairy products such as butter and the cacciotas produced during the summer grazing period, bovine and sheep's meat, various spiced or non spiced stuffed or filled meat products and cold meats and chicken eggs. The park also "honors" alternative harvest fruits that open new doors for the local economy such as strawberries, raspberries, mulberries, blueberries, with which many esteemed preserves are created.

(Archivio Parco Naturale Regionale della Lessinia)