Le malghe alte tra Erbezzo e Ala

A simple trekking route along the regional border between huts for pasture and amazing landscapes

7,6 km / on foot, on mountain bike


Itinerary description

The old barracks of Campo Retratto, today  functioning cheese factory and alpine shelter Malga Lessinia, is the point of beginning of an itinerary, which passes through some huts between the municipality of Erbezzo and Ala, between Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige.

After leaving the car park adjacent to the hut you will go on for some hundred of meters to reach Ridotto del Pidocchio, part of stronghold recovered by Associazione Nazionale Alpini and now opens to visit it;  you will be surprised by the details of this site, as the stairs carved in the stone or the frame for the enlightenment, already present during the First World War thanks to a generator. Then, you will go up the ridge until fork of Castelberto toward of Monte Castelberto, but you will deviate on the left before going up to hut, following the road signs for Malga Coe di Ala; behind hut the road descends, alongside a nice casara in stone and then you will reach the border with Malga Revoltel, that buildings are bordering to the remains of another big stronghold.

From Revoltel you will get back in Veneto, crossing a little grassy road inside Coe Veronesi until to huts, today getting rich thanks to a modern wooden sauna; from there you will follow a dirty road which is along a big centuries-old beeches before the entry of Malga Camporetratto. After that you will go up until Pozza Morta, a watering hole functional for watering cattle of four huts. You will be just few meters from the point of beginning, stretch very panoramic towards the peaks of central Alps. 

Technical informations

Difficulty: itinerary with medium and reduced difference in height mainly on dirty road and signaled tracks between pastures.
Practicability: on foot, with mountain bike
Length: 7,6 km
Time: 2:50 hours
Difference in height: 300m
Itinerary stops: Malga Lessinia (1617m) – Ridotto del Pidocchio (1614m) – Bivio di Castelberto (1701m) – Bivio Coe di Ala (1713m) – Malga Coe di Ala (1657m) – Malga Revoltel (1565m) – Malga Coe Veronesi (1558m) – Malga Campo Retratto (1653m) – Bivio Pozza Morta (1581m) – Malga Lessinia (1617m).