The villages of Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo

A simple trekking tour between woods, quarries and old villages of Occidental Lessinia. 

10,50 km / on foot or mountain bike


Itinerary description

The surroundings of Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo offer numerous interesting trails and trips of medium difficulty, but with unique peculiarity, which can be seen just in the Occidental Lessinia. One of this trail starts from the square of the village, with his big church; following for some hundreds meters the road for Fosse, you will go on the left following the road signs for San Giovanni in Loffa; you will leave here your cars and going toward monte Loffa's back you will have amazing view towards Corni d'Aquilio e Mozzo e il Monte Baldo. During the working days there are lots of lorries which go to the querries and lifts dust.

After that you will go on the top of Loffa, where there is he old Romanesque church of San Giovanni; from the church you will follow the south dirty road, which allows to reach others marble quarries. You will continue on the dirty road until a paved stretch; here a steep stretch of trail starts, which allows to arrive quickly in Sottosengia, amazing locality where you will admire the art of stone manufacturing. 

After this panoramic village you will go along a dirty road, to go to the opposite slope until Zivelongo, wide village completely in stone, characterized by beautiful buildings like a small church at the entry of the residential area. From here you will continue along the slope, passing some stretches, which can be problematic during the summer season due to thorns and shrubs. The stretch finishes on the paved road for locality Gravazzo, that you will not reach because you will divert on right for Cona and Pontarola, for going quickly toward Sant'Anna, our point of departure. 

Technical information

Difficulty: itinerary with medium difference in height, mainly on dirty road and trails, without particular difficulty.

Practicability: on foot or mountain bike

Length: 10,50 km
Time: 3:30 hours
Difference in height: 350m
Stops: Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo (940m) – San Giovanni in Loffa (1035m) – Sottosengia (810m) – Zivelongo (725m) – Cona (870m) – Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo (940m).