Dalla Brea family produces 100% mountain milk and yogurt daily, all of which is produced and packaged in the small hamlet of Arzare, in Roverè Veronese. High quality products with a secret ingredient.......Lessinia. 

Dalla Brea Farm is found in Roverè Veronese in the heart of the Lessinian highlands. 
Our secret ingredients are the air, sun, land, Alta Lessinian meadows, our passion for the work that we do, and the love and care that goes into packaging our products one by one.

Our High Quality Fresh Pasteurized Milk, Creamy Yogurt and Drinking Yogurt are some of our famous products known for their quality and authenticity.
You can find them in many stores all around Verona or at the farms own store in the hamlet Alzare in Roverè Veronese.

"Our greatest wish is to bring the flavour of our mountain and its traditionally  simple and authentic taste to your table everyday." (Luca Dalla Brea).

Dalla Brea Yogurt Latte di Montagna
Via Arzare, 13 - 37028 Roverè Veronese (VR) - Italy
Cell. +39 389 1451635

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